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We consign to protect Your Brands.

Anti-Counterfeiting solution to protect your brands

As we all know fake things can never replace the original.

Counterfeiters copy and manufacture the products on assured high income based line of attacks. They judge on the whole market to choose highly saleable, profitable, commercial, marketable, money making, and profit grabbing products to commence there counterfeiting. Counterfeiters compromise the supply network and hit upon brands image, at the same time becomes competitor with the brand they are counterfeiting, these manipulators covet brands trade secrets also. To protect your brands, you need insightful analysis, independent advice and innovative technology.

You need Corporate IPR’s Anti-Counterfeiting Programme.

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IPR Enforcement

Corporate IPR's IPR Enforcement refers to checking third party infringers by exercising such legal rights & taking appropriate action against them. Which helps in building & maintaining clients BRAND VALUE, Maintaining the aura of EXCLUSIVITY in the minds of consumers, Deters infringers and counterfeiters, and it is importantly essential if the concern brand’s trademark is to be the source identifier for your business.

By identifying the nature of counterfeiting in the market: Manufacturers/ Printers/ Wholesalers/ Retailers Blatant/ Sporadic/ Cautious and the kinds of rights that are being infringed- trademark and/or copyright

Conduct intensive investigations on these targets to determine volumes of infringing goods and collect evidence for taking further action- sample infringing product, visiting cards, and other printed matter

We make “Zero” in on specific targets

Raid Actions across multiple Jurisdictions

Corproate IPR conducts instantaneous raid actions and seizures across multiple jurisdictions, to shut down counterfeit production, manufacturing lines, Mechanised duplications, and distribution channels.

These raid actions across multiple jurisdictions have been an development to protect many companies to strengthen their competition compliance programs and increase awareness of the scope and the importance of anti-counterfeiting laws around the world.

The measures some of our clients have taken include:

  • Putting a strong competition law compliance program in place that includes Trainings, Practical Investigation, Pretex Purchase, Objection Policies and there studies and Discontinuing Counterfeit.
  • Implementing a comprehensive document creation and preservation policy.
  • Introducing a emergency plan detailing the various steps that must be taken in the event of a ‘Raid Action’ and with the help of law investigations contesting other forms of counterfeits.
  • Creating a protocol to protect confidentiality and - where applicable –Brand owner or the
  • Attorney client privilege.
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Due Diligence

Corporate IPR‘s Due diligence process consists of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement.

Due diligence takes different forms depending on its purpose:

  • A reasonable investigation focusing on material future matters.
  • An examination being achieved by asking certain key questions, including, how do we buy, how do we structure the acquisition, and how much do we pay?
  • An investigation of current practices of process and policies.
  • An examination aiming to make an acquisition decision via the principles of valuation and shareholder value analysis.

Due Diligence processing’s of Corporate IPR‘s is a way of preventing unnecessary harm to either party involved in a transaction.

Risk Management Curriculum

Available individually or as an integrated package, CORPORATE IPR Brand Risk Management services is a new approach to the Companies in regards to their Products on increasing sales revenue while promoting the brand. Which includes product authentication, investigation, information security assessment, supply network security management as well as labeling and marking?

Our services are deployed in a four step process:

  • We start by assessing the threats facing your brand.
  • Then we produce a detailed defence strategy
  • Work with you to implement the plan and measure its impact.
  • And we provide regular reviews to help keep your brands safe and secure.

What differentiates us from other Risk Management dealings is our initiative to serve a progressive program on behalf of the client. All though for us the most important thing is the impression of brand in the market, while maintaining full control over the monetization of companies’ campaign.

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Product Authentication

Corporate IPR’s authentication systems are powerful tool for identifying and verifying products on the factory floor, through the distribution process, and by owners and end-users. It enhances the transparency of your supply network, allowing you to detect and deter counterfeiting and diversion, wherever and whenever your products are found. At the heart of the system is a verification code, which is based on an unbreakable alphanumeric algorithm. The code is not tied to a specific labeling or marking technology, so you can introduce new identification techniques while
retaining the underlying verification system.

Easily incorporated into your manufacturing processes, the system is highly customizable. Each aspect from the length and composition of the verification code to the user interface can be tailored to your specific requirements. Using a mobile phone or Web browser, authorised stakeholders can confirm a product’s authenticity simply by entering the verification code into our secure database. Our system is redundant and includes emergency fail-over capability.

Supply Network Security Management

Corporate IPR’s security management services safeguard the integrity of your supply network. We stop criminals from introducing counterfeits into your network, diverting genuine goods away from their intended markets and producing unauthorized overruns. Our services use a modular approach that focuses on common problems, including product packaging, carrier contracts, freight forwarding and specific geographical risks.

Our experts also provide a range of related services, Corporate IPR’s 10 office network means we have people on the grounding the markets that matter to you. And our work with Global 93 companies—covering everything from research and development to the showroom floor—lets us quickly identify and isolate vulnerabilities. The result is a more secure, more reliable and more cost-effective supply network.

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Information Security Assessments

Successful businesses rely on a complex web of information technology systems. While these systems give managers rich insights into their company’s operations, they represent a tempting target for criminals trying to steal proprietary data and trade secrets. Corporate IPR’s Information Security Assessments begin with a detailed analysis of your controls, policies and processes. From this analysis, we create an inventory of vulnerabilities and an action plan to prevent them from being exploited. We support these services with spot checks and followup programs that help to ensure your systems—and your valuable data—remain secure.

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