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About Us

Corpoarate IPR is clearinghouse for investigations into counterfeiting and piracy — crimes that threaten the public's health and safety more over it affect Indian economy also.

Corporate IPR encourages members of the general public, industry, trade associations, law enforcement and control agencies to report violations of intellectual property rights.


Our three main endeavors

in developing an anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategy for our clients are:

  • To remove or significantly decrease the counterfeiting risks & hazards from the market.
  • To make the counterfeiters recompense for their illegal acts and unlawful activities.
  • To draw a perfect source line and recover assets from counterfeiters, consequently facilitating the campaign to be self-funding – our well-built, smart, strong and skilled Investigators works closely in this regard.

We have significant experience,

considerably skilled human resources and expertise in assisting clients to develop and execute an effective and valuable anti-counterfeiting strategy in INDIA and overseas. We make use of all the legal options available to the brand owner to tackle this problem, be it civil litigation, administrative seizures or private prosecutions.

We are focused at a single driving passion: to continue to be the collaborative work extension for our clients and deliver the most innovative and practicable product lifecycle resolution to them. We are also working together with the organizations that lobby the Government and its agencies to implement effective statutory changes to enable brand owners to tackle the counterfeiting problem more effectively.


Meet The Team

Our Executive Team

Corporate IPR works with licensed investigators who combine state-of-the-art techniques with discretion, tenacity and attention to detail. Our investigators have the skills to determine who is counterfeiting your products and where the fakes are being manufactured and sold. And their legal knowledge and intellectual property experience allows Corporate IPR to support both civil and criminal enforcement actions. From simple mystery-shopping programs to multinational investigations, we provide the information needed to protect your brand.

Laksh Adekar

Managing Director
The founder of Corproate IPR Services Pvt. LTD the parent Company of Corporate IPR with over 10 years of managerial and entrepreneurial expertise, Mr. Laksh Adekar is strategically responsible for leveraging the Corporate IPR Services Pvt. LTD and Corporate IPR’s core strengths towards new products and redesign offerings for clients Brands risk cycle management.

Aman Jadhav

Director of Business development
Over 7 years of proven Quality Management, Supply Chain Operations and Business Development expertise in the high technological aspect Mr. Aman Jadhav has extensive knowledge of the Indian high-tech industry and design plans of effective development for the organization.

Ravi Pratap Singh

Associate – Operation Management
Completed 5 years of proven Operation Management, Mr. Ravi Singh has diversified acquaintance and Familiarity of the Indian industries and Markets and effective Stratagems and policies to give out better results to our clients and contributing development for the organization.

Aatiq Shaikh

Senior Associate - IPR Management
Over 8 years of expertise in the high technological and Grass root level aspect Mr. Aatiq Shaikh has extensive knowledge of the Indian high-tech industry and Lifestyle brand counterfeiting and Strategies for active development for the organization.

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