The Department of Investigation and Finest Anti-Counterfeit Surveillance Unit.

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Corporate IPR is clearinghouse for investigations into counterfeiting and piracy — crimes that threaten the public's health and safety more over it affect Indian economy also.

Corporate IPR also encourages members of the general public, industry, trade associations, law enforcement and control agencies to report violations of intellectual property rights.


The Anti-Counterfeit Expert

is the consistent strategic platform where we swiftly provide Anti-Counterfeiting solutions and Brand Risk Management curriculum to the brand owners in finding out the violations of their Product counterfeiting, intellectual property rights theft including patents, trademark, service and certification marks, and copyright. A form of intellectual property theft has been on the rise in many industries. In order to prevail over this condition we provide Tools, services and intelligence to the brand owners toward defending the values and integrity of your brands.

The manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products

is widely recognized and its trading associates as a crime involving the theft of intellectual property rights, including patents, trade, service and certification marks, and copyright. There are not only economic consequences from trafficking in counterfeit goods, including injury to the reputation of the rights-holder who has made a substantial investment in the quality of its product and brand name, but also to the deceived consumer, especially when health and safety is impacted, and governments that corporate loss of tax revenue.

By working closely with law enforcement

and industry partners to detect, investigate and by bringing to the notice, ultimately, prosecute counterfeiters lawfully and civilly. From which the brand owners can establish sound anti-counterfeiting strategies.

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Our Services

We consign to protect Your Brands.


Anti-Counterfeiting solution to protect your Brands

As we all know fake things can never replace the original. Counterfeiters copy and manufacture the products on assured high income based line of attacks
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IPR Enforcement

CORPORATE IPR IPR ENFORCEMENT refers to checking third party infringers by exercising such legal rights & taking appropriate action against them which helps in building & maintaining clients Brand Value, etc.
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Raid actions across multiple Jurisdictions

Corproate IPR conducts instantaneous raid actions and seizures across multiple jurisdictions, to shut down counterfeit production, manufacturing lines, Mechanized duplications, and distribution channels.

Due Diligence

Corporate IPR‘s Due diligence process consists of systematically researching and verifying the accuracy of a statement. Due Diligence processing’s of Corporate IPR‘s is a way of preventing unnecessary harm to either party involved in a transaction.

Risk Management Curriculum

Available individually or as an integrated package, CORPORATE IPR Brand Risk Management services is a new approach to the Companies in regards to their Products on increasing sales revenue while promoting the brand.
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Product Authentication

Corrporate IPR’s authentication systems are powerful tool for identifying and verifying products on the factory floor, through the distribution process, and by owners and end-users.

Supply Network Security Management

CORPORATE IPR’s security management services safeguard the integrity of your supply network. We stop criminals from introducing counterfeits into your network, diverting genuine goods away from their intended markets and producing unauthorized overruns.
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Information Security Assessments

Successful businesses rely on a complex web of information technology systems. While these systems give managers rich insights into their company’s operations, they represent a tempting target for criminals trying to steal proprietary data and trade secrets.

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